User inputted display on website

I have a webpage that shows a schedule. Now I’ve added a small bar on the bottom to give reminders to the people viewing that page.
This is now done by a google spreadsheet document. Where a few users can input data into the cells and then they are showed on the page.
Now this is super user unfriendly, looks bad, not responsive, it goes on and on.
Is there a way or alternative platform that can be used to give some users the ability to input some text and that I automatically funnel them thru to the webpage.
But without those user typing the data into the html.

Are you looking for some kind of live chat for your website? Here a link i found.

There are a lot of other similar solutions out there. Just google for them.

Happy coding

Not actually, I’ve googled before but couldn’t find the correct search term.

Its more an announcement box I would want, but the input should be from a very very simple user friendly place (not allowing personal to touch the html) and if possible from a remote computer.