User Physical Excecises - stuck

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I am returning the correct JSON but the freecodecamp does not accept the solution and I don’t know why

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Challenge: Exercise Tracker

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The description isn’t exactly clear about this, but the duration should be a number, not a string.

Thank you @jsdisco
I was stuck for a couple of yours. Maybe you should just add to the description

“make sure that the returned data types do make sense”

Thanks and regards

I agree that the description should at least give a hint. I can’t edit the challenge though, I’m a user like you, but apparently there’s already an issue on github:

Ok @jsdisco
Thank you so much for your help.
I’m getting certified today !! :slight_smile:

Warm regards from Barcelona

Awesome! Now onwards, all that knowledge wants to be used for building your very own show-off projects :smiley:

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