User-Stories for beta web design projects

As I understand it, the videos for the beta Applied Responsive Web Design Projects are to be replaced with something else…
Where can I find the user-stories for the time being? If only to QA them.,

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I don’t think there are user stories yet, only the api and information security projects seem to have them.
You can use the test suite, however, click in “tests”, that will show you the requirements for a project to be accepted as complete.

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I did that for the tribute page, but then the unit tests, don’t seem to match the things I thought I learned from the (new) Responsive Web Design Challenges, e.g. iso

I should see an element with corresponding id=“title”, which contains a string (i.e. text) that describes the subject

I’d expect st like “I should see a header element which contains a string that describes the subject.”
For 7 out of 9 unit tests, I got that feeling. Does anybody know if they are being worked on and if so, when they are expected to go beta?

Yes, that is a recurring problem i too had with the testing suite. Most of them are not helpful in any conceivable way, and only hinder your projects/makes the act of developing them not fun. I ignored the tests while making the projects, you can fullfill them at any time after all.

As far as i know there is no release date, it should be out this year though, if i had to guess.