User Stories - please bring the checkboxes back

Currently there are no checkboxes anymore for single topics in User-Stories.

That was an handy feature to keep overview. Please bring it back.

In the basic html section they teach how to make checkboxes. Is that what you meant?

Hi hbar1st,
no, in the previous freeCodeCamp-Design there where checkboxes in front of each User-Story topic.
So if you have solve it, you could check it… then you know at which Topic you have to start next time (if you interrupt the coding).

In my account the completed tasks are all highlighted (or checked) automatically. I can always tell what was the last completed challenge. I can see this when i click on my curriculum page and expand the various sections. Perhaps you have noticed this on your curriculum page too?

I think you mean for the projects. Now there is a tester that you add to your codepen and checks if your project meets all the conditions to pass.

This is the tester to be added to your codepen like any other framework or library. It should help keeping track of your progress more accurately.

1 picture saves 1000 Words

If I work at this task an solve 1 - 7 … on next entry I know… taaadaaa go on at #8