User Story #11: The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport. issues

Idk what to do…Ive read and read again the errors. Ive moved my code. adjusted it. Also used a code format from one of my other projects…what am I doing weong?

Looking at your code there’s a nav element inside of a section element and the nav element is not closed.

You don’t want to put a nav element inside of a section. You can do a search for something like html semantic elements to get a basic idea of how you’d set up your page semantically.

You should use the property of :
position: fixed; with your element wanted to fix.
but u have to take care of the position of the parent element.
also siblings.
I guess for the parent : position: relative;
siblings: position: absolute;
U can just make some additional research. good luck bro

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