User Story #4, 10, and 12 - Technical Documentation Page project

Can someone help me point out my mistakes or the things that should be fixed for me to be able to pass the following user stories? I compared my code to the sample pen provided and it seems ok but when I test it, I still got 3 errors.

Here’s my pen:


I think the test is complaining that your id for flex-flow does not correspond exactly to the header text for that section [line 101]. You could adjust the text and make sure it matches the id or remove " (Applies to: parent flex container element)" from the title (latter makes the test pass).

The last rule is complaining you have an extra a class="nav-link" reference on line 231, removing the class from this link will pass the test. The test expects the number of class="nav-link" to match the number of class="main-section" in the document. This link doesn’t refer to a main-section.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

cool! all of your suggestions are correct! thank you!

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