User story #4 and #13, Technical Documentation [edited]

Hello folks!
I am working on Technical Documentation project.
I don’t know why I am not being able to fulfill user story #4 though I have rechecked my code over and over again. There doesn’t seem to be a mistake. I have a minimum 5 sections. I’d like somebody point out my mistake:

HTML Line 59 has a typo.
Check your spelling on that id element.

Sorry, I have looked at it but couldn’t find the error, for me it seems to be correct because that ‘id’ matches the text of the header.
And thanks for replying the second time!

<section class='main-section' id='JavaSript_and_Java'>
This is the line I was talking about. Are you sure the id is correct?

Hmm, yes, because it is said in user story #4: " …an id that corresponds with the text of each header contained within it." My id matches the text of the header, and I have also used underscores instead of spaces.
It’s like a mystery game!

That’s your typo.

O-o-ohhh such a mistake! It seems that I became tired and couldn’t figure it out!
Thanks for putting up with me!

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Always happy to help!
Don’t push yourself too hard! It is important to take breaks and rest when you need to! :slight_smile:


Hello again! I have fulfilled all the user stories except #13 which says that every anchor tag should immediately navigate to the corresponding section tag, which I have accomplished but nonetheless it lacks something.
I would be happy if someone pointed out what my code lacks here:

<section class='main-section nav-link' id='Introduction'>
This section class is incorrect and is throwing off the test. After you correct this, you will pass all the tests. :slight_smile:

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Thank you again @nhcarrigan!

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Yay! You got it!
Now you can take a minute to celebrate your success~!

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