Using a different character or else it would let me pass onto the next lessons

I just completed this part and couldn’t pass it didn’t give any errors, I gave in and looked at the Hint but all the help wasn’t working

This the code that is supposed be for you to pass on to the next lesson

// Only change code below this line

var a;

var b;

var c;

var a = 5;

var b = 10;

var c = "I am a";

// Only change code above this line

a = a + 1;

b = b + 5;

c = c + " String!";

But on var c for me at least for me I have to use 'I am a' instead of "I am a"
and it worked.

Please send the link to the challenge .

Im not sure, but the code just worked find for me with both the double quotes “” and single quotes ''

Weird… double quotes didn’t work until I did nsingle. Maybe cause I’m using Edge browser?

Im using edge too. Maybe the style of your double quotes might be different.

The quotes in this line seem kinda weird for some reason. I think its just the formatted style.
I suggest retrying the lesson again with double quotes.

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You redeclared all three of your variables. A variable should only ever be declared once. After a variable is declared, you can assign a value to it but you should not use the var, let, or const keyword again.

Can you post the correct way. Without redeclaring the variables again?

What do you think it should be? Have you tried fixing that mistake? If you are still seeing tests fail, could you share your new code and tell us what the failing tests say?

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