Using Bootstrap components for form on Product Landing Page

My Product Landing Page failed 2 tests:

  1. Within the form, there is a submit with corresponding id=“submit”.

  2. When I click the #submit element, the email is submitted to a static page (use this mock URL: that confirms the email address was entered (and that it posted successfully)

My issue is that I’m trying to integrate a Bootstrap v4.1.3 input and button with the form mark-up from the fCC example for this project.

My code so far

<form id="form" action=“”>
<div class="input-group mb-3">
<input id="email" type="email" class="form-control" placeholder="Enter your email address..." required aria-label="Subscriber's email" aria-describedby="button-addon2">
<div class="input-group-append" id="submit">
<button input id="submit" type="submit" class="btn btn-outline-light">Subscribe</button>

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Link to the challenge:

you’re missing two </div> to close out your divs

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Thanks for checking.