Using code from prior lessons in projects

Hi All,
I have gone through all the practice stuff for the survey project and starting the survey now. Is it frowned upon to reference past lessons I completed and copy code that I wrote into the project to build it faster? There’s just so much stuff that I find it impossible to remember every little detail and syntax.

Hi @TechnoPanther !

As you learn more languages you will find it impossible to remember everything.
That is why documentation exists. :slight_smile:

Referencing old lessons isn’t a bad idea but I think focusing on research and documentation to help you build the projects is a better plan.

Practicing those core skills is the best way to get prepared for the job as a developer because you will be thrown on projects with unfamiliar technology and the docs will be your savior.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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Referencing prior work is a great way to get started. I do recommend writing out your code rather than copy-pasting it. Not only can copy-pasting introduce weird errors that are hard to find, but you’re still learning and working on building a strong familiarity with the code. Taking the time to engage your brain by reading, understanding, then writing will genuinely help.


Thank you! How should I go about building documentation? Just take notes as I go and format them so that they make sense

Agreed - I have had past lessons up on a different screen but chose to type up everything for the project in order to hammer stuff home a bit more. Copy and pasting can creating too much back-tracking sometimes

You can take notes if you want.
But you don’t need to build your own documentation.
You can refer to the existing documentation like MDN docs
As you learn more languages and build more stuff you can refer to their documentation as well.


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