Using Code pen on projects

I am trying to start building some of my first projects. I looked at the examples in code pen and the tests you are supposed to be able to pass. I am having a hard time getting started, and want to see the code for the projects. Is there any way to see the code in code pen and not just the example project finished result that freecodecamp links to?


To answer your question, yes there is a way to view the code. In the top right, click the view button, and select editor view.

HOWEVER, I strongly advise you use caution in doing this. I’d like to remind you that copying the code directly is a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy, so definitely don’t do that. I also recommend that you try experimenting with what you learned in the lessons to see if you can get the tests to pass - focus on your HTML structure before worrying about styling or content. You’ll learn a lot more effectively if you play around with it and see what each of your changes does, rather than just looking at a completed project.

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Thank you!! Good advice.