Using conditional (ternary) operator to solve this challenge

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The return value of the conditional operation is returning 8 twice for some reason. How do I return the first true value of the number used in the function once?

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function findElement(arr, func) {
let num = 0;
for (let i=0; arr.length; i++){
  num = arr[i];
 /// console.log(func(num));
 return func(num) == true ? num : undefined;


console.log(findElement([1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10], function(num) { return num % 2 === 0; }));
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Challenge: Finders Keepers

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There is problem with your loop.

A ternary here is not the right tool because you always return something which stops your loop. You only want to stop the loop if the function returns true.

I’m not seeing how that happens with the code you posted. Your code returns undefined when it checks the first element in the array which is 1.

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Thanks eoja,

thanks for spotting the error, I fixed it ((let i=0; i<arr.length; i++).

Thanks eoja, This is the answer I was looking for, it makes sense, as I am returning a value at the end of each iteration, rather than only returning the value once the condition is met.

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