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Hello, I’m working on my first project, the survey form, and would like to be able to copy and paste some of the code that I’ve written to move it around a bit but when I try to select a box pops up that says “Select All and Copy Paste”. I am working on an iPad with a keyboard for now (haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of getting a laptop yet. I have a MacBook Pro but it’s really old so I need to upgrade). I’ve searched the forum for similar topics about this issue but haven’t found anything.

Also, is there a document that discusses shortcuts for coding so that when there is a long list of something like labels it’s a bit faster, rather than typing everything out over an over?

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

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I’m not going to be much help on the copy+pasting with a tablet question, however if you would like to have more shortcuts I would recommend a program like Visual Studio Code. There might be something similar to that for tablets, you’d have to do a little digging.

However, I believe the idea behind using fCC’s in-browser code editor with minimal shortcuts is to familiarize yourself with writing syntax. Similar to the idea of taking notes in class instead of just downloading the professor’s PowerPoint presentation.

Happy coding!

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Thanks for the reply! I mostly just wanted to know how to copy and paste when it’s rows of the same code but only one word changes. I was hoping it would eliminate simple syntax errors. I totally see what you’re saying about learning though and have to remind myself that as a newbie I need to keep putting in the slow but steady process to learn.


That’s the spirit, good luck and have fun @Dstops ! :pray: