Using CORS with Google APIs

So i have some problems using CORS for accessing Google data from their Api’s using jQuery. The Problem is i can’t use jsonp, because i have to make a POST request and the most free CORS proxys are pretty bad and don’t work reliable. So i have to use CORS, but i just don’t know how. I read some stuff online about CORS, but everything didn’t work. Also i read the Google Documentation, but their was no useful information. Can someone explain to me how to make a CORS request using jQuery and JSON?

You shouldn’t be doing anything different on your end. Can you link to your project?

I decided to make something different, that should work as well as that what i imagined before. But i get the next Problem :sweat_smile:. So this time i could use jsonp (and i want to use it), but codepen is blocking my request… So could you help me with that? Maybe you have a solution using jsonp and a solution using CORS?

Link to my example Projekt: