Using CSS in the first project for Responsive Web Design

Hi, I am on the first project for the Responsive Web Design certification. I am using codepen for the first time, and whether I put the style elements in the CSS editor or the HTML editor, it still doesn't show up in the preview. I have checked the spelling and syntax of my classes and ids, but don't know what else I might be doing wrong. If you have any suggestions that would be much appreciated.

Hi @Aurora17 !

It would help to see your codepen link.

Can you give your current code’s link so we can see the error

Please send the code used

You should only add CSS in the CSS code box, not HTML. The <style> and <link> tags are HTML.

Even after you get rid of the HTML tags from the CSS code box, you’ve still got some issues. For example, you have rules set up for .main but you don’t have any elements in your HTML with the class main. You do have an element with the id main though, and I’m assuming that is what you are trying to target with the CSS rule. In order to target id’s, you would use # instead of . (dot).

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