Using flexbox on my Product Landing Page leaves me with horizontal scrollbar

Here’s my code so far:

Every time I resize the window, a horizontal scrollbar appears.

I’m not sure what am I doing wrong :confused:

The horizontal bar is green?

Hello @nimerria19,

I don’t really understand what is the issue when you are resizing the window. Can you be more specific? I don’t see any strange horizontale scroll bar on my side.

It’s because your image is still not responsive. You are still only targeting the div container rather than the img. Use img as your selector, not .illustration. Your text doesn’t seem as responsive as it did before either. Did you change that? I liked how the font size changed as I narrowed the window.

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Thank you so much for always helping me out.
It worked and now I have a fully responsive page (or at least I think lol)
Thanks again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Have a great day!

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Hi, what I was trying to say was that even though I was using flexbox, my page still wasn’t fully responsive - you had to scroll horizontally to view the full page.
Anyways, it’s solved now <3

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