Using full name vs. business name or coding handle?

When I looked up how to finally start tooting my own horn to get more coding work, or a job, it seemed that all the advice said to just use my name for everything.

I never really liked that idea. But, I didn’t have any great business name ideas at the time so I looked for a way to get my fairly common name as my domain name and username everywhere, which wasn’t easy.

I finally settled on for the domain and so all my usernames become something like markrusselldev.

It works, I suppose. But, it seems like hardly anyone else is doing this full name thing and most people on twitter and here have some kind of cool sounding handle for their usernames!

And, I do get tired of looking at my name everywhere. I’d rather have some badass business name or something to promote, instead of my silly name and face.

But, for programming work it seems like we are the business. So, using our names makes sense in that regard.

Anyone got any ideas on this? Maybe it’s not too late to get a new domain and come up with a name I like? Or, maybe it doesn’t matter? Or, maybe it’s better to stick with the full name thing?

Maybe it depends? (I’d like to be able to get more freelance work and also be able to interview for jobs that look interesting.)

Thanks for your input. :nerd_face: ← that’s me for having to ask this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, I use usernames/real names for platforms thats not related to my business. Generally business oriented platforms will ask for such details seperately.

Using your name is easier in the context you’re talking about because it has less chance of making you look silly. Using a pseudonym is absolutely not silly, it’s used to obfuscate identity, but:

If you have a business, the business itself is a seperate entity to you, so it can (very often should) have its own name. However, in the case of freelance it’s just you, you’re likely to have personal liability, and freelancers are hired as people rather than some entity

Interviews are done with people with names not cool Twitter handles. At best, potential employer won’t even notice the cool URL/Twitter handle/GitHub username/whatever. At worst, a badly chosen name will make you look like an idiot. So you need to be a bit careful: it’s unlikely to impress anyone (specifically w/r/t employment).


That’s some stuff to think about. Thanks Dan. Maybe I’ll get used to seeing my name everywhere someday.

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