Using GitHub instead of CodePen

Hi can I use a github repo for the projects instead of codepen? I find it very tedious to do anything special in codepen which is in fact what I want to do if I am building a project myself. So would this work? Thanks!

Of course. You can choose any options besides codepen as long as you pass the test suite. You will want to make your project public so that you can paste in your url when it prompts for one.

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Do I have to include the test suite in the repo tho?

Yes, if you are doing it for the sole purpose of completing a FCC project. If you are doing a spin off or something only similar, then it’s up to you right? :slight_smile:

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Yes you can- I did that for both the survey form and tribute page. In the project instruction page- it gives you the link to add for any project done outside of codepen. Add it in the head part of the html page.

I haven’t done any of the other projects like the react ones (yet) so not sure how/where the test suite link should go.

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I don’t want any gotchas that’s all, if you know what I mean.

@shimphillip yeah. But I feel like their value goes up more if they are personalized and with more features. I guess it shows that YOU did it instead of you passed a project. A “done” project instead of a “passed” project.