Using Gitpod to preview changes, not seeing RWD beta

I’m not familiar with using Gitpod and i’m not quite set up for running FreeCodeCamp locally yet. I made a spelling change to some pages, and wanted to be able to preview the changes in gitpod.
I’ve opened my PR in github via the commented link in the PR. Then to the Remote Explorer > port 8000. When i navigate to the learn page, the Responsive Web Design Beta isnt there.
Can anyone assist? Thank you :slight_smile:

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To see the beta, in the .env file SHOW_NEW_CURRICULUM attribute should be changed to true. After this change client needs to be started again.

the preview is opened when the project is built the first time you open the workspace, but often it can be opened as a new tab, so it can be blocked as a pop up from the browser, you would need to allow the specific pop up each time you work with a different workspace

is that what you mean?

When i asked the question, this is what i was seeing:

The entire RWD beta section was missing. By changing the .env file as @sanity suggested, the beta section showed up :slight_smile:

Even though this has been solved, I’ve looked through documentation and i cant seem to find where this is mentioned to do in order to locally test changes made to the RWD beta.

I’d like to submit this as an issue to update documentation but i wanted to make sure i didnt miss it somewhere.

Hello there,

For the most part, we have been developing the new curriculum behind the scenes, and so did not include anything about it in the documentation, because this is subject to rapid change.

Specifically, once the beta reaches completion, the steps you went through will be deprecated anyway.

The dev team start up again for work from the 3rd. So, we will start finalising this sort of thing then.

Hopefully soon, I will get back to you about any changes to the documentation.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

you can also see the other stuff that is wip setting SHOW_UPCOMING_CHANGES to true

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