Using Gomix instead of c9 or maybe Heruko

I recently tried Gomix which let’s you code back and front end at the same time. All the viewers can see the code. You can add npm packages and it makes you focus on the code rather than the deployment itself. Others can also remix your code if they want. It is backed by guys from Trello and StackOverFlow.

The dummy project was here:

You have to use your Github account to save your stuff. It’s quite fast and interesting. Maybe we can use this too instead of Heruko and c9? or maybe only instead of c9.

And, I know that some will deny accepting something new, but maybe we can try if it focuses more on learning instead of deploying all day long? We will most likely miss the deploying part if not specified.

For example:

I believe the new curriculum will switch from Heroku to Gomix. But you are free to use anything you like as long as your code, and a live preview of it, is available publicly.

The only thing that will stop making the change is this statement,

Gomix is free to use while we’re in beta (with some restrictions, see below). We expect to always have some sort of free plan, but we may charge for premium services or capabilities down the line.

Anil Dash spoke on the FCC live stream for New Years and basically said that Gomix will remain as accessible as possible.

Any thing could happen, of course, but at the moment it looks like it will be a better option (as in not needing a credit card) for campers going forward.