Using Graphcool as a Learner

I’m finally starting to branch out onto my own projects and I’m discovering really cool tools that I’d like to use, but I’m unsure if I should. My last to fCC projects were made using GraphQL which I’ve come to really enjoy and would like to implement more of and get better at.

While planning my latest project I’ve come across Graphcool, which seems absolutely brilliant. Question is, does using Graphcool weaken me as a (learning) developer?

Graphcool’s marketing material indicate that using their service allow devs to code and not manage a database. Does this remove the “backendness” of my project? I want to work full stack, and don’t want to use this tool as a crutch. Are tools like these made for front end devs (and thus I should avoid it)?

Someone did a talk at my JS meetup on a similar topic. He used tools to develop APIs for his job. Nowadays there are lots of tools to help you build things quickly.
I’m a lazy developer so if there is a tool to do the job, I’m happy to use it.
Just be aware of things like support for the product and community. If it is used heavily and well supported then it likely will be around for some time.
You want to avoid building something that will break in the near future.
Perhaps as you are learning, you can try forking your code and trying a different back end at a later time.