Using local machine instead of replit for projects

Hello, Freecodecamp projects always have us start out with the replit starter code and markdown and while that is quite helpful I want to develop the project in my local machine and then copy paste it into replit and submit it. This is because my local system resources are faster than replit’s virtual cpu, ram and disk so it would be easier and faster to do the projects locally. Can I do this or would this violate the rules and result in me not getting the certificate?

you don’t need to use replit - the challenges you can completely do locally, just clone the given boilerplate and submit the localhost link

the five final projects can also be developed locally but then you need to host the project somewhere (heroku, netlify etc) to be able to submit it

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You can also create projects from GitHub repos. So you develop locally and push to GitHub. Then when you start a new project in the online editor you can import the repo and just host it on the online editor site.

At least in some online editors like CodeSandbox, Replit, etc.

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Thanks for replying! I’ll check this out surely

This works for me thank you so much!

This might be of some use:

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