Using mean and google maps api, I am building a 'point of interest' app. Need help!

Firstly, I am not sure if its called a point-of-interest app. I have searched high and low over the internet for a few weeks now but can’t find anything close to it.

Before I explain what I am trying to build, let me tell you why I am building it. (skip this paragraph if you just want to know what I am trying to build)
I love traveling. I love Anthony Bourdain. Whenever I travel somewhere, I like to build my own itinerary of places to go and some of those places are mentioned in his TV show, The Layover (there is also No Reservations and Parts Unknown, but Layover is my favorite). I find myself going to the travelchannel website and looking up episodes or re-watching the episodes on Netflix to find out what he does in each city.

So, I have decided I wanted to build an app to make it easier. The application will use Google Maps API and since I have interest in learning more MEAN stack, I want to focus on those tools.

The application will be a webpage where you can search a city. Once you type in a city, if the city is found in the database (MongoDB) then it will display on Google Maps. Within Google Maps will have all the point of interest from the database. For example, Doughnut Vault and The Girl and The Goat in Chicago. It will only display data that I made rather than what is actually located in Chicago. Only places that Anthony Bourdain visited in the show in each episode. And just below the, if you click on a location, it will display more information. I haven’t decided what information it will be. Maybe it will be quotes and advice from the show. The focus is having an application where you can search cities Tony has visited in the show and then displaying that information in a list and on the map.

I have started on building the database but i am having trouble with the structure of the data and have hit a roadblock. I am trying to learn more about node.js and javascript. I have about a full year of web development experience. This will be my first web application (on top of all the tutorials I have done). Has anyone build an application close to this? If so, can you help? Or, can anyone help guide me? If you’re interested, let’s chat!