Using media query on web development beta

below is my code but i keep getting a message that i should set the new media query to max-width 800px. what could be the problem with below code?

@media screen and (max-width:800px) {
  #gallery img {
    width: 50%;

Please provide the lesson link so we know what challenge you are working on.

It just wants you to use the @media rule without the screen and
Remove that extra stuff and it will pass.

it worked. thank you
but why do i need to remove it? i hope there is nothing wrong with the syntax?

In this case, it probably has to do with how the tests were written.
When in doubt, it is always best to give the required minimum for the challenges.
For the projects, you can add any extra stuff you want :grinning:

cool. i did add extra because i checked w3docs as they did not tell me how to use the media query before giving the tests.

thanks for the prompt response. much appreciated

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