Using multiple code learning sites question/opinions

I was just curious for people who are using multiple coding websites/classes for learning, how they tend to go about balancing those different resources? And I mean taking multiple beginner type classes at once, do you start and finish one and then move on, basically starting from the beginning again in the next class, or do you go between the two as they progress thru the similar topics letting each fill in gaps?

I was just curious, there are so many resources out there, and so far the couple I’ve started don’t seem to start on the same page so to speak so I worry I’m missing out on something right out of the gates, probably just being impatient I suppose. I work in the tech industry but never programming so it is seemingly a rather daunting nerve racking task and just wanting to get some tips on how people balance all these resources. Thanks for any tips, greatly appreciated.

Don’t worry this happens to everyone.
Try to focus on learning the fundamental concepts first then after that you’ll start seeing the bigger picture.

Learning to code isn’t an overnight thing and it takes some time for your brain to retain knowledge. Try not to go through too many courses at the same time and instead try out some project tutorials or check out some of the projects on Github.

You’ll eventually get to a point where all programming languages look identical because you took the time to learn the fundamental parts of programming.

Thanks for the tips; being new to this I’ll take you’re advice and start slow and get those fundamentals down before, figure if one course isn’t taught a way I like, compared to the next, it’s probably a good thing in some respects because in the real world not every project, or inherited code, will follow the same conventions I would assume, that one instructor might teach. Thanks again.

I hear you! I have messed about with coding and IT related projects for a year or two and just come back to FCC. What I have found both from this and learning other things like Chinese (unrelated but technically quite difficult) is find something that works and stick with 1 thing.

Only once you have a good foundation should you start experimenting as you will figure out what you like.

For now I’ll just stick to FCC and investigate things directly related to it (for example looking at Bootstrap’s website etc.)

Hope that helps and good luck