Using Original Images vs Free Online Images

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So I am working on my Personal Portfolio Page and was wondering whether it is possible to use original images. The FCC teaching tutorials thus far only taught me how to link to an existing image but I would like to use images I create myself. However I don’t even know where to begin with that. If anyone knows the answer, that would be great. Thanks for reading!

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Just add them to your project folder and use the img tag as always, or upload them to a service such as imgur and use the URL of the image instead.

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Many many many thank yous @oxyrus I can’t believe that didn’t occur to me!

I saved images to my Onedrive in Outlook for this , it allows sharing via unique URL then which you can use in your code (if you’re only using codepen). I’m sure google drive has the same feature if that’s what you use.

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Thank you @Conor-Dunne!

@Oxyrus, @nitelight5,
Tip: imgur does not work on codepen. It may appear as if it works at first, but any other person who views your code from a different computer (or if you clear your cache) will not be able to see the images. Just a tip, because I have seen several posts on the forum like:

just to show a couple… :slight_smile:


Oh that’s nice to know, I only use CodePen for the dailycssimages challenge :slight_smile:

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There is so much I don’t know :tired_face: but thank you for helping @IsaacAbrahamson ! It’s much appreciated!

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I upload all my original images to Dropbox and then copy the links for my projects, but you have to change the “” portion of the URL to “,” which I should have memorized by now, but I still find myself having to copy/paste.


@icartusacrimea great tip.

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