Using p5.js scripts in my application off line

Can I download ps.j5 scripts and use it for offline application in places where internet connections are not available.

Yes, just download the library. Any library can be used like that (obviously as long as you aren’t trying to make network requests using it), just download the code

Thanks Dan, but I am not sure about this statement

for example can I download and how do I use this

Have you gone on the p5 website and looked at the download instructions?

As in, you try to make use of some code that makes requests over the internet, like some code that lets you sign into Google or whatever. That’s all: if you don’t have internet you can’t make requests for data over the internet.

Hi Dan
Good morning. Trust you are having a good weekend.
I went through the documents in the download page. My understanding is that the speech engine is available only with the internet.
Kindly confirm if it is so. Thanks

No, it’s fine offline, it uses the browser API. You have to run it on a server because you need to to use HTTPS, for security reasons browsers will not allow you to do otherwise, but there will be a server program on your computer that will be able to serve files from (or you can install one), that’s what the documentation tells you to do anyway

I am running it from a https server

The mic allows only one transaction and again I have to refresh
Thanks Dan for your time.

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