Using Part of an Image for Background

" if that URL is valid for you, it might be because you’re logged into your account or whatever."
I guess that is the case because the top url works fine for me whereas with the lower url I get an “Error 410” code. But no matter - this must have something to do with the additional complexity engendered by using DropBox for my url’s. The main thing is that I have learned the difference between links and image addresses and I’m very grateful for that. Thanks for you help.

I get the same 410 error now. If you want to study background images, it might be the easiest if you just pick a picture from or, and work with those instead of dropbox images. Mastering background-images is a bit tricky, but also a powerful tool once you get it.

I totally agree - DropBox has turned out to be an unreliable venue for effective links. I’ll certainly try your alternate recommendations. Thanks.

I believe you are asking whether you can find out the shade of the color used in an image?
if I’m right the I recommend you use the following extension for your browser:
ColorPick EyeDropper
I added this on my chrome browser and it works very well :slightly_smiling_face: