Using Port 3000 For Express Server and REACT Showing

I just created a server with express and Im trying to use port 3000… for my suprise, when I opened localhost, There was a react app running with the words Hello World. (ps no style). I have not included react anywhere in this project and My last “Hello World” project happened a real minute ago… Help?

PLUS: Trying to run it at any other port gives me a refuse to open error

It’s possible this is a cached page, be sure to turn off caching when dev-tools are open and refresh.

If it’s not cached, that means React is still running/serving from port 3000. You should stop that process, or if you can’t find it a system restart should kill the server.

Depending on what port you are trying to open, not everything is available to you depending on what system your using.

Finally, you could use another port that is more common, like 8080.

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