Using procedural PHP for a project because it is easy?

I have been studying web development for 3 years now, and I am still not where I need to be. I am far from professional-quality.

I thought about flipping a coin as to whether to use procedural PHP or nodejs for my large project I have been wanting to do for years and have made many attempts.

Is it wrong to use procedural PHP for this project?

Laravel is too difficult. I want something that I can jump into quickly and get working on it.

Laugh all you want, but my coding journey has not been that great.

Just build things. You know how to use PHP, and you feel you are capable of building your application in PHP, use it. Programming languages are just a tool: if you know how to use a particular tool and that tool is a good fit for the thing you want to build, use it, don’t avoid using it because of trivial reasons. There is a corrolary to this though

To get better, you often need to be attempting things that are at the limit of (or just beyond) your current skillset. In this case, Laravel may make a lot of things easier. Using a framework to handle a multitude of common necessities in a webapp is often a sensible thing to do, it exists to make your life easier. It may not! I have no idea what you’re wanting to build, and it may be easier without a framework. But implied in what you’ve written is that you’re sticking with the basics that you know. Programming is hard, but as a general rule (this is not specific to learning Laravel or whatever), to improve you need to actively challenge yourself. You may not need to – if you can build the thing you want to build using the knowledge you have, that’s totally fine, it just depends what you want to take from it at a personal level. Nobody is likely to care apart from you (that’s not being denigrating – what you want to take from it is really important). Note that if that thing you want is just something like “make some money off this idea I had”, then just build it in the fastest way you know how.