Using state in React


I was going through the React course and I noticed that although in the lesson “Use State To Toggle An Element”
It’s mentioned that this is a bad practice:

  counter: this.state.counter + this.props.increment

and it should be done this way:

this.setState((state, props) => ({
  counter: state.counter + props.increment

In following lessons, the first way is used, like in the lesson " Render Conditionally from Props"

Am I missing something?

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Just because something is bad practice doesn’t mean you’ll never see it used.
Generally when something is referred to as “clean code” it means that’s the industry standard, and others will be more likely to help you out/understand your code.

True! But then why even bother mentioning it when most following lessons use the “non-clean” method, maybe they should follow the pattern they teach.
Sorry for being so pedantic… Just saw this and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t misunderstand something.

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