Using Strapi with Node JS

I am planning out my first project using a Headless CMS. I have settled on using Strapi for my project. Is it logical to use Strapi while not using SPA framework/library? I want to use express and EJS to build my website and Strapi as the backend. Is this okay to do? I assume you would use this with your node server that will make REST requests to the Strapi API. Am I glossing over anything?

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You can use whatever frontend you want to use, even plain JavaScript.

If you are already familiar with Express, I would use your setup and server-side render your frontend with Express and EJS.

If you are new to Express, I would probably have a look at Koa, because Strapi is built on top of it, so you would only have to learn one underlying framework.

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Very cool.

I’ve actually considered making a strapi project too - haven’t come up with an idea yet but my intention will be to use GraphQL.

There’s a lot you can do with headless cms with the right code. It can also get very messy if not planned accordingly.

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