Using <svg> to fit text to container - semantics?

Just curious about this <svg> trick for fitting texts to containers: Fitting Text to a Container | CSS-Tricks

Am I justified to think this would result in improper semantics, or am I missing something obvious here?

Maybe I don’t understood something, but I think this is mainly related to SVG, so for certain cases can be useful, like making a particular image on SVG, maybe a dynamic one instead using a canvas with JavaScript… There are other (and sometimes better) ways to do one thing (I mean, he made width:100%; for this one, I guess you can do it with the normal text, images and so on), so I wouldn’t care much about it.

Hmm… The article is about how to make the size of texts responsive to changes in its parent container’s dimensions. Using svg text is one of the suggested ways. I realise I should have made this clearer in the original post…

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