Using the DOM properly

I’m a little unsure on when to use the DOM for help when completing challenges and projects. For example, I got a bit stuck on the Build a Technical Documentation Page project, and I used the DOM on the finished example page it gives at the top. Looking over the structure of the elements I can see how it’s supposed to be built, and I have the tendency to copy it line by line to complete the project but I feel this isn’t the best way to learn something. I try to build step by step and using google when necessary, but It feels like cheating to just inspect element and copy instead of figuring it out myself. Should I be using the DOM as a last resort if I can’t figure it out? Or am I complicating things? I hope this makes sense.

I don’t see an issue with inspecting the DOM and styles using the browser dev tools. They are valuable tools to use and learn.

But that doesn’t mean you have to copy anything. It is perfectly possible to glean something from the example without copying anything.

Thanks for the reply, the DOM is usually my 1st or 2nd go-to tool, but during projects I feel like I’m cheating If I’m just using the given example to build it like the DOM is structured. I try to build it as best I can from scratch and only use the DOM for the FCC projects when I get stuck to the point I need the help.

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