Using the if & switch is breaking the code

Using the if & switch statements in the calcValue function breaks the code & I cant figure out whats wrong.

Thanks for all the help. :slight_smile:

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Challenge: Build a JavaScript Calculator

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You’re redeclaring the variable. switch has crappy scoping rules. Put let myVar before the switch, then assign to myVar = in each branch

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Thanks! that worked.

Whats wrong here in the if statement? it doesn’t seem to work…

const digits = /[\d]/;
      if(this.props.padBank.keyTrigger == digits)

You’re saying “if (value is literally equal to this regex)” – for it to be true, and if you could actually do that (you can’t), keyTrigger would have to literally be /\d/

if (digits.test(this.props.padBank.keyTrigger)
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