Using the Test Method2

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This tests out to me but I can’t pass the challenge. What’s the issue?

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let myString = "Hello, World!";
let myRegex = /Hello/;

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you changed something you shouldn’t have.

just reset the code and redo the fix without removing the let statement in the 3rd line.

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let myString = “Hello, World!”;
let myRegex = /Hello/;
let myRegex.test(myString); // Change this line

This isnt working - what I am doing wrong?

You need to assign the returned value of the test method to the variable result.

Isnt that what I am doing? SOrry just following the syntax of the example.

you are not really.
let myString = “Hello, World!”;

this is how you assign something. Notice the equal sign?
Look at your statement. Does it have an equal sign? Does it have a variable?

You are right thanks!

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