Using Tutorials For Projects

I’ve made it now through the algorithms and managed to hack together all but the last two projects on my own for the Front End Developer section. But the Tic Tac Toe game seems more complex by one or two orders of magnitude than the other projects, and even for sub-sections (writing an algorithm to determine the winner) I feel like I either don’t have enough practice e.g. with objects to figure out good approaches to the problem (let alone a minimax algorithm). I saw FreeCodeCamp has a tutorial for the project on YouTube. If I code along with the tutorial, is that cheating? I’m afraid this could take me weeks or months on my own, even assuming I can motivate myself to work on it consistently – and that might include working through other resources on Udemy that use a more step-by-step pedagogy. What do you suggest for approaching projects when you really feel out of your depth?

“Am I cheating” is a good question, and it’s one that many campers have already asked on the forums. Please see this topic for an in-depth discussion, and a quick search will bring up a wealth of other topics from your peers. Please feel free to contribute to any of those.

Taking weeks (or even months depending on how many hours that equates to for you and how fancy you are trying to make it) on a project doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.