Using variables for color, not working w/ hr class


I am using variables to assign my palette in case I change my mind later on. I’d like to create an hr using a neutral light gray. I am making a hr class and styling it in css. When I add my var color to my hr class, the line doesn’t show up. Here’s the project:
The issue is on line 25 of the css. If I change either background-color or the color in border-top to a regular color, say “red”, it shows up. I’m confused. Help please!

I’m not sure, I can see the line on my browser (firefox). But it could be that these lines cause the problem?

//mint green
//light gray

They’re not valid comments in CSS, it should be like this /* comment */ not //


It’s most likely as above mentions. I changed the rgb-value to red for the variable and the line shows up as red. So the var does work.

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That was it! I work in Unity w/ csharp (for fun) and // is how you begin a comment. Old habits die hard. Thanks!

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