Using visual studio code

I don’t know how to show my work in the forum and I don’t know how to check in with the CDN. Can anyone help?

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Challenge: Build a JavaScript Calculator

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If you are using VS Code, then you would need to use GitHub and post a link to your project code.

If you asking about how to add the test script to your project, that is as simple as adding the following to the bottom of your body element of your index.html page.

im linked to Github but idk how to use that either. lol

I want to go line per line in user stories like in

Not sue what you mean by this statement. If you have a project locally, then you can run npm start and as long as you have added the cdn link like I reference above, you will be able to run the test using the dropdown menu, the same way you do on Codepen.

I’m so lost now my css isn’t working. and no clue what a npm start is. Please help i have all my html done. now i’m stuck.

Until you post some code, then I can not help you with this.

Let me retract that last suggestion. You can test out your code by installing the Live Server extension. You can read through the documentation for how to use it, but basically it will keep track of your changes you make (kind of like Codepen) and refresh the page.

yes i’m using that but my user story is chancing color so i know i got it right and there is no boilerplate on the screen

Can you post a screenshot of the project in the browser? Not sure what you mean by “boilerplate”.

the green hamburger this isn’t here to use

What does you index.html file look like (post code here)?

I have no problems listed.

You have two main issues:

  1. All script tags should go at the bottom of the body element (right before </body>).
  2. You did not properly close out the opening script tag for the test script link (see below0.
    <script src="></script>