Uuuuummhhhhh.. Broken console?

So the code return the correct values but the test doesn’t pass.
I can’t seem to grasp why tho…
I summon your help.

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let sum = 0;
let check;
function sumPrimes(num) {
for (let i = num; i > 1; i--) {
  for (let j = i-1; j > 1; j--) {
    if (Number.isInteger(i/j) == false){
      check = false;
    } else {
      check = true;
    if (check === false) {
      sum += i
return sum

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Challenge: Sum All Primes

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Is there any particular reason you’re declaring these variables outside function body?

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When you declare sum and check outside of the function body they basically become global variables and thus sum does not start over at 0 for each function call.

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Removing the function call is not the answer. The answer is to not use global variables.

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Not really… so basically if it’s not global you shoud always declare your variables in the functions that they are used? thanks 4 your answer cheers

Yeah, unless you really really need them, you should always avoid global variables. They make for a mess of side effects.

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