Valdiation of natureofrelationship field

I am going to validate different filelds in form. I want that some filelds which are hidden should not . be validate on click of submit button.

Here I do not want nature of relationship when form validate

{% include 'select-input' with mod_name: 'inquiry[natureofrelationship]', mod_class: 'contact__field select--contact', mod_label: field_label, mod_on_change: 'onInputChange', mod_required: true, mod_value: "function(){return '-'}", mod_error: field_error, mod_options: select_options, mod_required: true, mod_validator: 'topicvalidator' %}

topicvalidator (value) {
return value && value !== ‘-’

Here problem is even though natureofrelationship is hidden it will throw error message : “Nature of relationship is required”.

How can i remove validation for hidden fields in js ?

Did you try setting mode_required initially to false as it is hidden in the start then turn it to true once the field is no longer hidden?

Yes tried here mod_validator: ‘topicvalidator’ is for validate the field. if i will remove that no validation
so at the selection of influencer page only natureof realtionship will show means mod_validator: ‘topicvalidator’ should add at that time only.

How can i add that ?

it is in liquid files of shopify