Valentines Day First Certificate

Finish the first certificate on valentines day, all in all it took one month. I don’t know if I should be proud for the certificate or sad because of the fact that I ain’t got no gf for this valentines.
Ah it is what it is, on a serious note, this is a frickin marathon. Let’s go… I’m excited for the harder part.
How long did it take you? what section are you up to now? what aspect of it challenges you? Just curious

Hi @jaime.tavekz !

Congrats on getting your first certificate.

It is not quite valentines day here in los angeles :laughing:

I took other classes on html/css before starting FCC. I was already familiar with the material and was able to breeze through that first section pretty quickly. But if that was my first exposure to html and css then it would have taken the same time as you did.

I am working on the 25 +5 clock in the front end section.

The algorithms in the javascript section were tough at first.
But with enough practice you start to get better are solving them.

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