Validate US Phone Number: Help Requested

I’m super close. My regex passes all but 2 test cases.

"1 555 555 5555"
“1 456 789 4444”

Here’s my regex

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing to satisfy these test cases?

Your regex accepts a one-or-zero -s between the last two number sets (three digits followed by four digits), but those two examples have a space instead of a -.

I think you also need to escape your + in the first group.

Thank you for the suggestion! I have updated my regex to what I thought would satisfy based on your comment, but still no luck.


Wouldn’t my addition allow for a “-” or a " " between the last 2 sets of numbers?

Now the problem is with your second capture group. It allows for either (ddd) followed by one or zero spaces or ddd followed by one or zero -s (where d is a digit). It does not allow for (ddd) followed by a space.

Link to your regex in a regex101 test.

Got it! Thank you so much for your help, and showing me the online regex tester!

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