Validate US Telephone Numbers question about RegExp

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I’m trying to solve ‘Validate US Telephone Numbers’ algorithm.
My code is below

this code should return true or false
as example

telephoneCheck(“1 **555)555-5555") should return false
(555)555-5555") should return true.
(555)**555-5555”) should return true.
telephoneCheck(“1 555 555 5555”) should return true.

with RegExp I’m trying to catch strictle these (555) or 555 parts
I have bolded the phone number part which I’m catching
for this purpose I’m trying this RegExp part
[\D\d{3}\D]? Dose it correct?

But it’s catching …555) or (555… with single quote also
How I’can eliminate this single quote?
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function telephoneCheck(str) {
  var regexpr = RegExp('^1?\\s?[\\D\\d{3}\\D]?\\d+', 'g');
  var test =  regexpr.test(str);
  return test;

telephoneCheck("1 (655)555 9555");

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You might try website to help you see what your regex selects.

Good luck!


Thank you very helpfull link :slight_smile: