Validation error syntax

I am trying to validate an Html exercise since when trying to validate the writing of my code it throws a validation rejection where it is suggested to me to have 5 requested elements in the requirements and exactly I am delivering the requirements correctly, but still the rejection occurs since I have filtered the lines of code to try to find some error in the writing and apparently everything is well done, for more detail I leave an example of the exercise performed:
Requirements, Within each of your new a elements, add an i element and assign them the following classes:

Your first element i must have the class fab fa-facebook-f
Your second element i must have the class fab fa-twitter
Your third element i must have the class fab fa-instagram
Your fourth element i must have the class fab fa-linkedin-in
His fifth element i should have the class fab fa-youtube

Execution of the task:

       <div class="social-icons">
          <a href="">
            <i class="fab fa-facebook-f"/>
          <a href="">
            <i class="fab fa-twitter"/>
          <a href="">
            <i class="fab fa-instagram"/>
          <a href="">
            <i class="fab fa-linkedin-in"/>
          <a href="">
            <i class="fab fa-youtube"/>

Could someone tell me why my assignment was rejected?
I would really be grateful to hear from someone who can help me to know what is the cause and where is the reason for the rejection when validating my assignment…thank you!

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The ‘icon’ element is not a self-closing element. It has the both, opening and closing tag:

You should also close </a> your a elements explicitly. In this case, the implicit closing tag is added correctly but you shouldn’t rely on that. Forgetting to close a elements can lead to them getting closed incorrectly causing multiple elements to be included.


<a href="">forum
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