Validation issue in Functional Programming

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to understand why my code is not valid even when the result is the expected. Probably I’m missing something but I cannot identify what it could be yet.

“filteredList” content is correct, but somehow the system doesn’t consider it as a correct answer. I’d appreciate your comments.

var temp = => ({
  title: movie["Title"],
  rating: parseFloat(movie["imdbRating"])

var filteredList = temp.filter(movie => movie.rating > 8);

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Challenge: Use the filter Method to Extract Data from an Array

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You are missing the decimal point on the “The Dark Knight” rating (you have 9 it should be 9.0). You can give the toFixed method a look.

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Hello @lasjorg Thank you so much for your answer. I thought I checked that. I still need more practice and more detail in the comparison of the results. I applied what you’ve recommended and it’s working now. Thanks again!