Value of taking an Intro to CS course?

For the fall quarter, I decided to take a quarter off from attending UCSB due to some personal issues and also focus on web development during that time. Anyways, as I’ve been reading through YDKJS and watched the Imitation Game, I’ve become more interested in the theory behind computer science. And it would only cost me $33 to attend my local community college for that class so I can be in a familiar environment with fellow students who are eager to learn as well. However, I guess my question is what would would be the tangible benefits that I gain from taking the class if my goal is to be a front end web developer?

On the course catalog it states, “Algorithm design and problem-solving techniques,” would the type of algorithms that are covered in a Intro to Computer Science course be more rigorous than FreeCodeCamp’s algorithms?

Wow, $33 for a college class? That sounds like a great deal!

Learning algorithms in a formal setting can only help you in the future. Although I haven’t gotten a dev job yet, I’d bet most employers wish their workers had a better grounding in CS. And problem solving is always something worth improving!

I think that this is a no brainer.

Go for it, it will only benefit you in the future.