Vanilla Timer - Pomodoro Project

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve completed a project for FCC - been busy working. I’ve decided to start making projects with just Vanilla Javascript for a while, because I’ve been feeling out of touch with the language and that’s frustrating.

Today, I put together the Pomodoro project with only HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS. There are probably some things that could be done better - feedback is welcome!

Check it out here

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Hey there,

Works well! I may suggest some changes if you want me to.

First, I would change the sound. It almost gave me a heart attack :smiley: A subtle repetitive sound would be more than enough I guess.

Second, the way it’s seen on small screens. The text is pretty small, barely readable IMO. I made a screenshot for you to see.


It’s from Firefox on my laptop. Actually, on the phone you see the text a little bit bigger, but still small enough.

Nice work!

Yeah, I’m working on the view for small screens as we speak…thanks for the feedback on that!

Then obnoxious sounds was on purpose, I’m sorry I alarmed you! Thanks for checking it out.

I would change the Set Mins button to Start. It took me a few seconds to search for the start button and to click randomly on the page for the timer to start.


Thank you for looking and giving feedback

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