Vaporwavish - Personal Portfolio Project

Hi there everyone, I finished my personal portfolio and would love some feedback since it’s the first thing I’ve done without instructions.
Most !important were added on codepen because for some reason a bunch of stuff got overridden. And every image and link is a placeholder because I don’t have any projects done or social media.

Personal Portfolio

Thanks in advance!

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Whoa, that looks awesome! I really like the fonts, I haven’t seen those before. Your color scheme is really good too and the neon animation isn’t something I’ve come across. One question though, why all the overrides?

Thanks a lot man! I’m not sure why Codepen overrode a bunch of the code, I was hoping someone could help me with that. I wrote it using Sublime Text and when I copied it to Codepen a lot of stuff wasn’t taking effect. I’ll upload the .html and .css to dropbox without the !important everywhere.


Oh, doy… you mentioned that, sorry. I wrote my portfolio in Atom and then couldn’t figure out how to break up the HTML and CSS in Codepen without losing some of the Bootstrap styling. Sorry I can’t help you with that part. Looks great though.