Variables & Case Sensitivity

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Fixed all the variables according to the camelCase rules but don’t know what the issue might be. I also did go back to past questions regarding the same task and didn’t see any relating to my issue.

My solution (added in the //Assignments part):

// Variable declarations
var studlyCapVaR;
var properCamelCase;
var titleCaseOver;

studlyCapVaR = 10;
properCamelCase = "A String";
titleCaseOver = 9000;

// Variable assignments
studlyCapVaR = 10;
properCamelCase = "A String";
titleCaseOver = 9000;

Link to the challenge:

Firstly, studlyCapVaR is not the variable name required by the challenge, as it should be strict camelCase.
Secondly, why are you assigning values to all of the variables twice?

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Wow, totally missed that :sleepy:

It’s why I ended up re-assigning the values because I thought it’s what was required.

Thank you so much :pray:t6:

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